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Hey There!

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Jayne Haines and I love riding horses AND writing horse stories! Go to my Books section to learn all about my first novel; Cry For The Moon, and Whistler available in 2012. There will be others listed too, as they are completed. Cry For the Moon is an inspiring story about an eighth-grade girl from Arizona who dreams of competing as a trick horseback rider in California. That sort of riding is called vaulting, and you can learn more about this exciting sport by visiting the American Vaulting Association website. If you haven't read Cry For The Moon yet, then get on it! It’s easy to order on Amazon.com. If you have already read it, then let me know what you think, either by liking me on the amazon.com site, or by going to my blog: cryforthemoonblog.blogspot.com. My blog is a fun way to see what’s going on with my adorable horse named Fashion, and take part in any number of games and contests that I have put together.

Speaking of "Cry For The Moon," what is yours? You must have some secret, or not so secret dream that you really want to come true. Let me know on my blog, and see what others have written. That could be the first step to making your dream a reality! I am looking forward to hearing from you… so read my books and get in touch!

Happy Trails!

About Me

My name is Jayne Haines and I live in Del Mar, California. I have two kids (a boy and a girl) who are now in their twenties and a husband who is a pilot. I also have an amazing Spotted Saddle Horse named Fashion that I got from Tennessee when she was a baby. Oh, and I also am blessed with an adorable Australian Shepherd named Riley. What a good boy he is! It seems like yesterday when I was reading bedtime stories to my kids. Sometimes, when we didn’t know what to read, we would make up our own adventures from our imaginations. If only I had thought to write down the stories we made up. Maybe we would have created a best seller, who knows?

As the years passed, I was inspired to write short stories and poems in my spare time. I even read them to my kids’ classes in school just for fun. It was when I entered a city-wide writing contest and won in every category, that I realized I might be good enough to write for kids professionally. I remembered that I had a minor degree in Creative Writing that always lingered in the background of my Graphic Arts degree and career, and with a bit more effort to become a certified copy editor, I would be up to speed to take on the task of writing for children. Since it is never certain whether one can make a living writing on their own, I was lucky to land a position as a writer for a large advertising agency in downtown San Diego. After a year or so, I was promoted to Senior Copy Writer and the money was great, but it did not allow me the time I needed to pursue my dreams. So several years later, I decided to dedicate myself entirely to writing for kids (and editing other people’s writing on the side to help feed my horse!). So now I am off and running, ready to excite young readers with fun and inspiring stories. When I grow up, I might try to write for adults, but for now, I hope that you enjoy every word as much as a sip of warm cocoa. Mmmmmm goooood!


Cry For The Moon
Eighth-grade Portia Madden may be the class clown, but there is nothing funny about her life at home. A deep dark family secret; her dad’s depression, has imprisoned her family for years. Portia may have a crush on the hottest guy in school, but her love of horses and trick riding, or “vaulting,” is her true passion. When she gets a chance to travel from the heat of Arizona to compete in California with her vaulting team, nothing can stand in her way… or so she thinks. Portia knows that before she can realize her dreams, she must set her family free. And she does, with a little help from a joke that backfires and turns into the best surprise she could ever have imagined. Sometimes, when you reach out and simply cry for the moon, miracles can happen that are simply out of this world.

Whistler (2012)
Kayla Preston and her mom left a tragedy in Wyoming to start a new life in California. Even though it was a horse that killed her father, Kayla finds the courage to ride again. Little does she know that getting up in the saddle would lead her to meet a boy with magical powers that would change her life forever.


Half the fun of writing a book is telling everyone about it! I am so lucky to have lots of Facebook friends and people who support me all over the country. I love to talk to kids at schools, too. Writing is so much fun no matter what you end up doing when you grow up. It is a great way to work out your feelings, jot down thoughts that could lead to poems and stories, and document exciting (or not so exciting) events throughout your life. Who knows? You could end up being a writer someday just like me! Eeeek!

Del Mar Times Newspaper
I was interviewed, and an article was written about my book and me! I saw a bunch of local sales through Amazon.com as a result of the nice article written by Karen Billing.

Barnes and Noble
You will now find Cry For The Moon available online at barnesandnoble.com.

Mary’s Tack and Feed
For all of you local cowgirls, Cry For The Moon is now available at Mary’s Tack & Feed in Del Mar!

Book-signing events
Los Angeles
I recently drove up to Los Angeles and signed books for everyone who now owns their own copy of Cry For The Moon. It was an exciting chance to share my love of riding and writing to over 40 people. Not bad for my first book-signing event!

San Diego Public Library
In January 2012, I will take part in a local Author’s Exhibit where my book will be on display, and then a part of the libraries’ collection. I plan to conduct an Author Talk as well. Date will be announced soon.

Visit my Facebook to learn more about future book signings or speaks about writing.

Just for Fun

Ok everyone, now let’s have some fun!

Go to my blog and let me know what YOUR cry for the moon is all about. Are you hoping to make it on a certain sports team? Are you praying for a new puppy? Or maybe your “cry” is as big as wanting a horse! You can use your real name, or make up a pretend one if you are feeling secretive. Either way, it will be fun to see what you and others are dreaming of, and who knows, maybe it will be your first step to making it come true!